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Pretty Little Cozies, 9781600593765
Pretty Little Cozies, 9781600593765

Pretty Little Cozies, 9781600593765

Код товара: 22523
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350.00 грн.
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Артикул производителя: 978-1-60059-376-5

Pretty Little Cozies (Pretty Little Series)

Переплёт: твердый.
Объём: 132 стр. 
Дата выхода: 2009 г. 
Издательство: Lark Books.

t’s hip to be crazy for cozies! This latest entry in the successful Pretty Little series elevates the cozy from humble to cool, as crafters everywhere embrace it as the latest sewing craze. Thirty-two cute projects, created by a pool of talented designers, show just how great a comeback can be: they’re colorful, modern, and playfully feminine. In addition to the usual suspects—including covers for iPods, cell phones, CDs, and cups—there are wraps to cuddle such delightfully unexpected objects as a French press, scanner, video game controllers, and a pan handle. An overview of sewing basics, embellishment techniques, construction methods, and fabrics make the crafting easy, even for beginners.

***Книга на английском языке. Содержит понятные инструкции и шаблоны.
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