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Pretty Little Potholders, 9781600592003

Pretty Little Potholders, 9781600592003

Код товара: 22593
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Артикул производителя: 978-1-60059-200-3

Pretty Little Potholders (Pretty Little Series)

Переплёт: твердый.
Объём: 128 стр. 
Дата выхода: 2008 г. 
Издательство: Lark Books.

Potholders are perfect canvases for showcasing fabulous fabric, using simple embellishments, and trying out novel ideas as these charming, nostalgic projects prove! They’re easy, beautiful, and great for anyone looking to stitch something small but wonderful. All that’s needed are basic hand or machine sewing skills to complete a darling butterfly-shaped potholder with rickrack antennae. A playful oven mitt, in bright red with embroidered flames, sports the word caliente!” to remind the wearer to be careful. An introduction presents the vast range of textiles and embellishments available, and beginners will get the lowdown on batting options and guidelines for what makes a successful, functional potholder. All projects are showcased with full-color, close-up photography, and with any necessary templates and patterns.

***Книга на английском языке. Содержит понятные инструкции и шаблоны.
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